Where do you source reference data from?

For commercial reasons we don’t publicly list our sources, however they include Australian and New Zealand best-practice reference sets, as well as public information we’ve collected for the specific purpose of augmenting Connecterly’s results. Further, we believe our match results perform better than any other due to Connecterly’s propriety data preparation and matching technology.

Match sources are included clearly in the user agreement executed at the time of Connecterly onboarding.

Is my data and customer's privacy really safe?

During the time it is handled by Connecterly, your data is bound by Marketsoft’s – our data management parent – enterprise Information Security Framework. This framework aligns to and is compliant under regulatory controls, ISO 27001 and 9001, and has over 30 years protected data of Australia’s largest financial services organisations, government agencies, retailers, and charities.

What if I want to cancel?

From a billing perspective, simply stop using the Connecterly service! You’ll only ever be billed for consumption you initiate. Our user agreement contains a termination policy if you wish to break up with us permanently… No hard feelings.

What if I have a bespoke requirement?

While Connecterly prides itself on driving results for call centre operations in Australia and New Zealand, we can’t do everything. For data requirements outside of UnifiedCustomer’s realm, please contact our loving parent company, Marketsoft Services.